To Kill Obamacare: Look is it Captain Hindsight or is Bobby Ewing alive?

We have a problem!  We have a dangerous situation!

If you make those statements or hear these examples or something similar, what is an appropriate reaction?  How would you want to respond?  How would you hope or pray that others would respond?

As a historian with primary fields in Southern history and United States Political history, the above summarizes my concerns with politics today based on the prevailing answers.  As a person, the retorts often heard today both dishearten and disgust me.

Sadly, this isn’t really a sarcastic question as it should be, but would your preference for the above be to levy blame upon another for the present undesirable circumstances or would it be to try and deal with the emergency as quickly and efficiently as possible?  Would the superhero be Captain Hindsight, or would it be someone who acted to try and make the outcome better for all?

Captain Hingsight from Southpark

Captain Hingsight from Southpark. Photo Credit Comedy Central.

One example of my aggravation with current events involves Health Care. 

The Affordable Care Act, ACA, or Obamacare, whatever you choose to call it; how many people have actually read or at least looked at the actual text?  I know, it’s too long to read…but…

How many people have actually looked at some of the literature concerning implementation?  I know, it’s a government web site and therefore part of the problem.  For something legitimate, I need to go to a blog site such as Liberal Love Licking My Lips or Conservative Counts of Constitutions or Tea Party Tempest, George Washington was an @#$%# progressive Marxist libtard for referring to the original Boston Tea Party as an act perpetrated by vandals.

Political, partisan, bad joking, disgust aside, you might be surprised upon reading the actual law that you will most likely find some ideas with which you strongly agree.  You will most likely find some ideas with which you strongly disagree.  Opinions about implementation are little more difficult because the sheer size and scope makes it more of a guessing game, but I would think some things might appear to be “that could rightly git er dun” and others “that ain’t just the long way ‘round the barn, but you is in the water ‘tween a gator and a cottonmouth.”

I did find a nice piece on some of the Obamacare “facts” spewed by both sides from the Annenberg Project here.

Politics aside again, are you 100 percent satisfied with the system as it sits today in the United States?  Do you receive “perfect” care from your medical people?  Have the financial and billings offices provided 100 percent accurate and clear numbers which you can easily verify?  Has your insurance company always answered every question clearly, concisely, and with a timely manner?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you might want to stop reading stuff from me.  If you say that some things are better than others, some definitely could use some fine tuning, and practically everything can be improved but sometimes you make things worse trying to fix what ain’t broken, then perhaps I’ll give you a bits to rattle in the brain.

In the perfect world, people would not get hurt or sick.  Every individual would do the best that he or she is capable of doing, and we would all realize that we each have our responsibilities and niches in this world.

Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen.  Some of the recent news stories have focused on the President who many will cite as being socialist, Marxist, communist, progressive (which apparently is now evil just as is the term compromise), and Fascist.   Often in classroom settings where I discuss political ideologies and methodologies, I sometimes create a number scale with zero in the middle and extending out to +10 in one direction and -10 in the other direction.  That proves effective when discussing events from an academic perspective and relying on actual historical events as resources.  For students who might have entered the classroom late, however, the bracketing ranges and overlapping of various “isms” has they could be defined on paper versus the actual application during a specific time in a specific location the chalk or dry erase board seems a cluttered mess where they can’t tell where to begin.

In modern United States politics and general public perceptions that tardy observation of “huh…where in the heck does all that start” actually applies because it really doesn’t matter where these philosophies both as paper definitions and actual applications would actually rank on the above scale.  All that really matters is that someone, somewhere, will argue that President Obama is at every single marker and all at the same time on that scale.  In some ways, that description might be closer to the truth than supporters or detractors of the President might like, but it really doesn’t matter when it comes to government funding and where our tax dollars go.  That’s the Legislative Branch and not the Executive Branch making the decisions.

How many remember this Pledge to America?

Part of that pledge included:

We offer a plan to repeal and replace the government takeover of health care with common sense solutions focused on lowering costs and protecting American jobs. We will enact real medical liability reform; allow Americans to purchase health coverage across state lines; empower small businesses with greater purchasing power; and create new incentives to save for future health needs. We will protect the doctor-patient relationship, and ensure that those with pre-existing conditions gain access to the coverage they need.

Over on the House side, the repeal attempts are nearing 40 with more scheduled in the near future.  Not to be outdone, the Senate will be starting a late push on its own repeal attempts.

Perhaps I’m mistaken and everyone except people I know or with whom I have conversed in the last few years did answer yes to the 100 satisfied question paragraph above.  If you did, however, you might need to rethink a few things because you should not have read this far.

Now in all these years and repeal attempts, where are some alternatives?  Since many people now seem to remember the 1980s as the perfect decade with everyone working, nobody stealing, prices and foreign affairs being pleasantries all the time, will we have our own little recreation of Pam discovering Bobby taking shower and waiting to learn that it was all a bad dream?

Bobby Ewing Dead Held by Pam

Bobby Ewing’s dead body held by Pam Ewing after Bobby had been struck by a car driven by Katherine Wentworth.

Pam sees Bobby Ewing in the Shower

The cliffhanger (no Cliff Barnes pun intended) of Pam seeing Bobby Ewing in the shower after he had been killed

I guess not because even FOX Nation we read:   GOP Repeal Not Replace Obamacare

From the Associated Press as it appeared in the Washington Post we read:

After 3 years, House Republicans still voting to repeal ‘Obamacare,’ but have no replacement

Was that always the intent?  Not according to an article from Breitbart.

Tea Partiers Unite:  Repeal and Replace Obamacare!

“When the Tea Party surges the rest of the summer and fall, commonsense conservatives in both the Republican and Democratic parties (as a former Democrat, yes there are a few) must not only repeal ObamaScare, they must also come up with a solution to replace it. Both political parties know that reform is needed. It is now up to Mitt Romney and the GOP, working with Tea Party republicans, democrats and independents, to effectively and powerfully message a solution to We the People. When they do, Barack Obama will fulfill his own promise: he will be a one-term President.”

Apparently the reelection of Barack Obama brought about a change of heart.

“There are members of leadership that told me, ‘Hey, we’re willing just to let it collapse, and somebody else will get blamed, and it’ll be a great political issue,’” Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said.

In today’s news we can read about or listen to Senators and Members of the House talking of shutting down the government unless Obamacare is repealed.

For example Senator Marco Rubio of Florida “…spoke out in favor of holding hostage the government operation funds to freeze the rollout of the controversial healthcare law at a breakfast sponsored by Concerned Veterans for America.”

The conservative advocacy group “Heritage Action on Tuesday goaded lawmakers to support House and Senate bills to defund the healthcare law, and urged them to link the measures to “must-pass” legislation, such as a bill to fund the government.”

The group will be keeping scorecards on all Members with negative marks going to all who fail to cosponsor legislation introduced by the Honorable Tom Graves of Georgia and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas which will cut all funding to “kill” Obamacare.

Going back to that Pledge to America page 33 contains a promise which apparently only applies when things go your way:

Advance Legislative Issues One at a Time

“We will end the practice of packaging unpopular bills with “must-pass” legislation to circumvent the will of the American people. Instead, we will advance major legislation one issue at a time.”

Captain Hindsight seems to be the superhero of choice in Congress.  I mean you can listen to any conservative chatter, liberal lip synching, and practically anywhere in between to know that everything is President Barack Obama’s fault.  If you don’t believe me, look at sequestration.

Sequestration, OK, let’s look at that historically and not rely upon any particular news outlet.  We’ll go back to the 99th Congress and the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

Public Law 99-177 can be read here:

The brief, only 222 pages,


The Budget Control Act of 2011 is here:

The above may be some cumbersome reading for a few so here are a few articles from the Huffington Post along with snippets to offer some illumination.  Were the President and the Democrats politicizing the sequester?  YES in my opinion and this writer’s.

“Are Democrats firing off press release after press release to highlight the impact of the cuts now taking effect? Of course they are.

But is the president somehow stage-managing which cuts go where to focus the pain for political gain?

No. He can’t. What is happening now is what the law requires, nothing less and nothing more. The president has no choice but to follow it.”

A comparison of sequestration to a fad diet can be read here:

Of course because Congress failed to make the cuts, the President is to blame:

Obamacare has many problems, some known and others still to be discovered.  Would you prefer someone who recognizes these problems to work on ways to solve them?  Would you prefer that those with the ability and knowledge merely sit back and wait to see what fails?  Just because a hurricane slides a little east or west, is it wise to dump all your supplies and restock only when you begin to feel the winds?

That the image I get from Washington because of this partisan bickering disturbs me.  I used Obamacare as an example because it has a significant impact upon everyone here.  I can read the actual legislation and find both positive and negative portions which are based merely upon the level of my knowledge and personal opinion.  Admittedly, I have to keep myself in check when reading because I’d rather focus on actual aspects of the law and not all of these molehills turned mountains by opponents and dangers which exist only in their own minds.  I mean there is enough in this legislation to either promote or attack any or all aspects without flat out 100 percent lies.

It’s sad that using any primary documents in a discussion with someone who claims to represent the “conservative” or the “liberal” side will only be countered with emotional rants.  What is it that makes it easy for us to hear what we want and what does not fit are argument or seems unimportant merely floats away with the breeze?

Let’s imagine that Obamacare is killed by preventing any funds to support the various aspects.  I know that many of you want that to happen, and I respect your position regardless of whether you have read the actual legislation or not.  I hope that you have, but that is your decision.  My question, however, is not about Obamacare specifically.  It is about our growing deficit and government spending.  If Members of the House of Representatives and United States Senators have accepted the Constitutional fact that the Legislative Branch actually controls the receipts and expenditures of this country, why have they not pushed legislation through to cut spending and make the most efficient use of our funds?  Until any such proposals reach the desk of the President, the Executive cannot be blamed for spending.  At least the Executive cannot be blamed if you follow the Constitution.

Now if you want to counter with this President does not follow the Constitution, well what does that say about the capabilities of you and me.  When students in the future look back and do their rankings of Presidents, I would guess that President Obama will be somewhere within that standard deviation in the middle.  He won’t be remembered as the greatest.  He won’t be remembered as the worst.

That actually says something about you and me.  If people believe that Obama is the worst and is destroying the United States of America, we must be the weakest and most incapable generation in history that such a weak individual could destroy not only us but generations who spilled a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to allow us to have the opportunities we have today.


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