Louisiana: Can you board and airplane with your driver’s license as ID?

Quite a few people have messaged me recently about using their LA driver’s license for flights.  On social media today, 8 June 2013, one of my former professors and another friend who is a professor of Library Science posted links to this article by columnist CB Forgotson.

At this point, I doubt if anyone knows the status of what will happen in Louisiana.  On 15 January 2013 the Department of Homeland Security issued deferments to various states not in compliance for a period of “at least six months.”  Will that period be extended beyond the “at least six months?”  I certainly wouldn’t want to try and answer that one.

Below are some links within a general lecture note taking form structure I refer to as filling in some of my blanks before I forget.  With luck, I hope these links might enable you to answer the question that I cannot.

The Federal law is question is PUBLIC LAW 109–13 from May 11, 2005 which passed the 109th Congress.  The text of the law is here:

Some commentary on implications of that law can be found in this 2007 article from CNN.

The background of the law, however,  dates back to the 11 September attacks of 2001.   On 8 October 2001, President Bush established the Office of Homeland Security.  In July 2004, a special 9-11 Commission presented a 585 page report on measures to prevent future terrorist attacks against the United States.

You can find that report here:

I know that some will not care to read all 585 pages.  Simply scroll down to page 390 of the report, and you will find the recommendation for secure identification.

A timeline of Federal events leading to this present conflict in Louisiana can found in an outline from the National Conference of State Legislatures here.

The Department of Homeland Security provides additional information here where you can access additional links from the menu.

The Louisiana Law at issue comes from the regular session of 2008.  It is HB 715 sponsored by Brett Geymann which later became Act 807.

The enrolled Act can be seen here.

Late last year in 2012, several media sources covered some of the issues surrounding Louisiana and the Real ID Act.  Stories from WAFB and The Advocate are linked.

Where will the actions or more precisely the lack of actions by the Louisiana legislature leave its residents when they try to board a commercial flight with a Louisiana Driver’s License?  I’m not sure anyone really knows the answer.  I doubt, however, that the ability to quickly pass legislation like the current 113th Congress did shortly before recess will be an alternative.


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