From Jefferson Parish to Russia but not to Chechnya on a private plane: Congressional investigations coordinated by Steven Seagal

1980s Video Games

The first article, “Congressmen find few Boston attack clues in Russia,” is about the Congressional delegation which included Michelle Bachmann who has made headline news for announcing during the 1st session of the 113th Congress that she will not seek reelection for the 114th Congress.  The sole reason I mention her is not political but that I’ve ranted before about how at one time, and in my adult lifetime and involvement with Federal politics, the Election Season ended so that legislative matters could be addressed.  Today, regardless of Party affiliation, I just think Election Season began at some point in the past and simply continues for eternity.  In many ways, it’s a game where the sportsmen and catch change but everything is controlled by the people outside the video game console.  Just imagine a virtual world where your favorite hunting season, shrimping, crawfishing, or any seafood catching season is nonstop with no need to worry about supply, environmental conditions, or the long term fate of the desired prey.

It is PacMan Fever gone Bezerk in Tempest while the centipede needs to be wary of poisonous mushrooms along with the spider and proof of no arthritic symptoms in your hands rest in your success in Defender.

For those who have forgotten the fate of Steven Seagal: Lawman the television series, here is an account from CNN.

Paperwork concerning the lawsuit can be read at TMZ:

The legal conclusion comes from The Times-Picayune.

This piece is not an indictment of any of the individuals mentioned in any of the articles or a discussion about the pros and cons of a Congressional investigation trip to Russia.  It’s not about Russian or Soviet Union history or Vladimir Putin.  It’s not about terrorism, violence, or the tragedies experienced by many people throughout different lands.

It’s only an example of how small the world really is and how fast time really passes.  Jefferson Parish, Hollywood, Capitol Hill, Boston, Russia, Chechnya, Dagestan, and the Caucasus town of Beslan have been connected through representatives spanning many states here in the United States of America.  During my childhood and early adulthood, the mall was the place to hang out, and many kids, teens, and young adults handled more quarters on a daily basis for the arcade than probably all the tellers combined in your nearest bank or credit union touch during a normal week of business.