They Ask Me Why I Teach and I Reply

They Ask Me Why I Teach and I Reply

“They Ask Me Why I Teach,” by Glennice L. Harmon, in NEA Journal 37, no. 1 (September 1948): 375.

A poem often recited by the late John Wooden which the Coach said typified his deep feelings on teaching whether on the court or in the classroom. You have to remember that not too long ago coaches were thought in the same manner of faculty, and the idea that student mattered more than athlete in that student-athlete moniker stood as the norm and not exception. College freshmen at the time were not allowed to even play on varsity, and both cost and profit from athletic programs were significantly less percentage wise than today. Of course corruption still existed back then, and of course there are many students today who are among the finest examples of student-athletes in our schools.