Just something quick for relaxing

Bryce landscape

It seems that several of my ole friends from undergraduate days have been feeling down with just the normal proceedings of life.  In some cases, the kids seem to be a magnet for trouble.  Others are concerned with ailing parents.  Work related issues that accompany the end of the academic semester are at play for a few.

Tomorrow night, I’m tentatively scheduled to say a few words at the opening of an exhibit which addresses some of the atrocities which have taken place in history.  Some works will focus on the Holocaust.  Others will look at events from Cambodia.  I really don’t have a clue as to what I can add because the exhibits speak for themselves.

My remarks will be off the cuff, but I started thinking that even with the many tragedies throughout history, somehow someone has been able to move forward.  Perhaps that will be my focus.

Sadly, we don’t always learn from the mistakes of others or even our own mistakes.  If we think about it, however, some small spark or glimmer of hope manages to sustain itself. Sometimes we need to stand strong like the mighty oak to withstand great force.  At other times, that rigidity will result in our cracking and breaking.  If we can bend like a willow tree, we can snap back at fantastic speeds.

To my friends and anyone reading, just try to find something positive upon which to build.  The little video is merely a simple freeware effort, quickly created to just remind me to adhere to some of the encouragement I’m trying to offer to friends.