My research as to what the Executive Actions today actually mean.

Everyone has seen the threats to the 2nd Amendment by the President’s 23 Executive Actions introduced today.

Since many are calling these actions grounds for impeachment, I decided to analyze each of the actions individually and read the reasons why each action is such a threat to our rights as Americans.  As I’ve said, I have no issues with gun ownership.  I believe any and all efforts should be made to promote safe and responsible usage and to keep guns away from individuals who are unable to exercise safe and responsible usage either by their own choice or as a result of measures beyond their control such as certain mental and physical conditions may cause.  In some cases, all that may be needed for these individuals is proper training or supervision.

Anyway, after reading about all of the threats to rights, I decided to clarify what people like me who have an appreciation and respect for guns, even though I am not a hunter, must believe according to the pro gun lobby groups spending millions as I read and typed.

For some odd reason though, the following interpretations about the 23 Executive Actions are not the interpretations I have, and I seriously doubt that the majority of my friends, many who are avid hunters and love and respect the United States of America have these interpretations either.  I might not agree with the necessity or prudence of each of the 23 Actions introduced by the President, but taking each separately I do not find opposition to the interpretations written below as impeachable or threats to my rights.

1) I oppose making data available that my local law enforcement agency has to any other law enforcement agency because they should solve their own crimes because it only affects them.

2) I oppose finding loopholes in HIPA which may allow for someone with a history of treatment for violent tendencies from purchasing and possessing a gun around my children.

3) I oppose encouraging states to work together and offering incentives to make that cooperation more efficient.

4) I oppose having the Attorney General make continuous checks of the records maintained by that office.  If a mistake has been made, it is the tough luck of the person either denied rights or the victim of someone who has managed to slip through the cracks in the justice system.

5) I oppose giving law enforcement the power and the tools to do a background check on any weapon confiscated or found before returning it to any individual who claims ownership even if that individual is actually in possession of my gun because he or she stole it from my house.

6) I oppose having the federally licensed gun dealers assisting private sellers of guns on conducting background checks.  A private individual should not be held to the same accountability as a standing and licensed business.  If I hire an idiot who connects my sewer lines to my water lines or destroys my property during the course of his or her work, it is my fault not that of the private individual.

7) I oppose any efforts of a national program to promote safe gun usage, maintenance, and storage.  If I am mistaken as a deer by a new hunter, the hunter shall not be held liable as he or she exercises their right to hunt in a manner which does not impede them.

8) I oppose any type of standards or even the manufacture of gun locks and safes.  If the safety on my gun malfunctions and my child is accidentally shot if the gun falls, the company who manufactured the faulty safety has no responsibility to recall or issue warnings about the faulty equipment.

9) I oppose that guns recovered in criminal investigations be traced to determine any past history such as ownership.  If my guns were stolen from my home, it is my fault and if recovered by a law enforcement officer should be stored, sold, or given away on a first come, first served basis.

10) I oppose the Department of Justice informing citizens and law enforcement agencies of any trends in gun thefts or violence even if my house is the only one in the zip code to have not been robbed.

11) I oppose having an ATF director because I do not want any attempts at bureaucratic efficiency or governmental responsibility in the event of any deaths or injuries from faulty parts or ammunition which may not be up to standards.

12) I oppose having any training exercises or simulations for 1st responders, law enforcement, or school officials.  They should be prepared to act without having to waste time thinking about actions beforehand which might save the most lives in a given situation.

13) I oppose any efforts to make it easier for the legal system to prosecute criminals using guns or efforts to curb gun violence through educational programs.

14) I oppose researchers and experienced individuals studying patterns and trying to discover ways to prevent gun violence and to make weapons more practical and efficient in the hands of a responsible user.

15) I oppose having the Attorney General continue to look at crime and safety information and do not want the private sector developing any innovative technologies since the guns we have today cannot be improved upon.

16) I oppose a medical doctor from asking patients such personal questions like A) do you exercise or B) if the individual is displaying suicidal behavior to ask if that person owns a gun.  The doctor should be all knowing in all matters.

17) I oppose allowing health care providers or anyone else someone chooses to threaten with violence from reporting that individual’s threats to any law enforcement agency.  They have the right to free speech.

18) I oppose schools hiring resource officers or other personnel to assist with safety issues.  That’s what the teachers are paid to do or any private citizen who desires to bring a weapon to a school to protect the children from violence.

19) I oppose it so much I have to repeat that I do not want any schools, places of worship, or higher education campuses to conduct any simulations or exercises in the event of a shooter entering the area.  People must learn to react on their own, and it is unnecessary to practice various scenarios since anyone with any brains and not blinded by Kool Aid can see these situations from miles away.

20) I oppose any clarifications as to what mental health services are available under Medicaid or any insurance company.  Whether coverage I paid for or not covers the service is my responsibility, and it does not matter if my neighbor received the same services for less than I did even though we both pay the exact same amount in premiums and have the exact same coverage plan.

21) I oppose any clarifications regarding any benefits within ACA exchanges.  I’ll find out what I owe after I receive any services or treatments.

22) I oppose any clarifications as to mental health benefits and regulations regardless of coverage.

23) I oppose any dialog from Cabinet Members or any national forums on issues regarding mental health.  Mental health is only an issue if you suffer from some aspect or if you become injured by the actions of someone with mental health issues.  Even then, it is the responsibility of the person without a mental health issue to prevent that injury and no discussions can help that.  It takes action, not talk.

The wordings are not great as this is simply a rough draft after many hours of intense reading.

Seriously, I believe most individuals have a lot of common ground on the issue of reducing gun violence, but the extremes are going to prevent that discussion because there is less chance of exploitation when emotions are kept in check.