Facebook hint for more control over the posts you want to see

For those individuals who like to Facebook, and especially for those like me who use Facebook as a tool to see photos of childhood classmates and to stay in touch with people from the many different areas you may have lived during your lifetime, this instructional video illustrates a simple method to have better control and more organization with the posts you get to see.


This is a video screenshot taken while speaking with friends after they wondered why the posts they saw from a former colleague seemed to be missing his typical detailed explanations.  Their colleague had actually posted a step by step account in 9 separate posts, but as a result of the Facebook algorithms which determine the content “of most interest to you,” my friends had only seen different portions of the 9 posts.


The method explained in this video, allows an individual to see all posts of from specific individuals or pages without having to go directly to that page.  It demonstrates how to create separate groups so that you can see all the posts from everyone within the group you create.


I hope it helps you, and please share the video link with anyone you feel might benefit.