Les Miles Comedy to Bash the Crimson Tide

Alabama LSU Diss and Take

Top Row Left to Right: Nick Saban, Gracie Allen, George Burns, Jerry Clower, Les Miles. Bottom Row Left to Right: Bud Abbot(top), Lou Costello, Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Redd Foxx, Jackie Gleason

Let the Bashing of Les Miles begin (or is that continue)

Not here, not this time in reference to coaching, although I find many of his comments and antics funny in a comedic way.  Some of the little football videos we have placed on You Tube have me imagining a comedy team of Nick Saban and Les Miles.  Before you think that I’m a total fool, watch some Bud Abbot and Lou Costello.  Better yet, I think the two coaches on a comedy set could pull off their own George Burns (portrayed by Nick Saban) and Gracie Allen (portrayed by Les Miles).  For those of my generation who only saw George Burns as an elderly individual and actor, his straight man ability and the timing and brilliance he had with Gracie Allen reach another dimension.  If you’re curious to my taste in comedy with male comedians, I’ll only group these men as the best because depending on day of the week, any could be number one in my book:  George Burns, Jackie Gleason, Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, and Jerry Clower.  Redd Foxx is a peer to any of those five listed, but while tamer than most today, he is more suggestive than some may find as funny.

The Game Last Night

Last night, there was a very good football game between LSU and the University of Alabama.  Unlike last season, it was not #1 versus #2, but #1 versus #5.  Still, the victor will probably play for the BCS trophy.  Last November a dominate LSU team went to Tuscaloosa.  The Tide won on the stat sheet, but the scoreboard said LSU was victorious.  This November in Baton Rouge, LSU won on the stat sheet, but in the end the scoreboard had Bama winning 21 to 17.  Unlike last season when other BCS conference teams lost, there will be no rematch this season.  If there were, I would actually bet on the same occurrence as last season, with the regular season winner being soundly defeated in the BCS Championship and I do not bet or gamble (at least not for money anymore).

With the possible exception of the game against the University of Washington, LSU probably had its most consistent offensive game.  Last season the injury bug avoided LSU, but this year the offensive line has started a different unit each game with 4 of last night’s starters predicted to be reserves this season.  Even though the position is deeper than an oil well, before getting injured Alfred Blue was clearly in the groove at RB and may have broken that additional tackle to break a play open.

My Sterling Coaching Credentials:

It’s fun to coach in the stands or relaxing back in a recliner.  I’m undefeated in either environment.  Perhaps even more impressive whether in the stands, on TV, radio, or internet stream is my perfection at play calling, clock, and game management.  After the play is over, I can tell you if it was dumb, smart, became big from a mental or physical mistake, was the result of great athleticism, pure luck, or even the ole “sometimes you do everything right but…” analysis.

With my Bear Bryant and Don Shula (remember that my mother’s side of the family emigrated from Hungary,  so I was a huge Dolphins fan even though I’m not old enough to have experienced any of Shula’s Super Bowl wins) coaching excellence verified:

Here’s my Top 10 Take from last night and the LSU season.

1) LSU players hold your heads high and be proud of that performance.

2) Bama players be proud that you made your plays count and won the stat which matters most:  the scoreboard.

3) Faking a 40+ yard field goal with more than 10 yards to go for a first probably won’t be successful.  A better fake might be Wing lining up to punt and with his Australian pedigree giving him a run or rugby style kick option if Bama played it safe.

4)  In Baton Rouge, at night, unless the wind is blowing at your back few kickers will have routine success in making 50+ yard field goals.  If not the last play of the half or the game, punting seems a better option.

5) Onside kick…everything right and always more chance of success when it is a surprise, but an unlucky bounce that left the ball about a foot short of 10 yards was the difference.

6) 4th down and 2…good call to go for it, but I would have left the base offense in and let Hill or Ware follow Copeland and the 2 Freshman on the right side of the line.  I think the chance was 50/50 of a Bama defender shooting the gap for a loss or a Tiger push for 3 yards and possibly the distance if the back broke a tackle.

7) The last LSU offensive series….the QB had been hot and receivers holding onto the ball.  It might have been worth the gamble of the clock stopping by putting it in the air to get another first.

8) That 4th down, however, line the offense up and try a hard count.  You might have gotten a penalty or complete confusion on the Bama side for either a free 1st, shorter FG attempt, or a viable 4th down attempt.  At worst, you call your timeout and try the FG or take the penalty and punt.

9) People cry about a Prevent Defense, but the TD was off a blitz.  The last drive…play prevent zone if you are confident about OT, and I think the Bama D was exhausted.  Play your regular 3rd and 10 packages if you do not want to chance OT.   I’d rather either/or instead of one then the other.  (That’s my recliner expertise for that observation)

10) If LSU wants an offensive wrinkle with Ware at QB, why not study some old tapes of Tom Osborne era Nebraska teams, and create your own I-formation triple option with Ware at QB, Hilliard at FB, and Ford at TB.  Landry is such a great blocker on the outside have him in the package.  You could even have Ware pull back on the option and try to break Landry open, slip either the TE or FB through, have Ford double back on a fake reverse and give Ware the option of either keeping or throwing back to Ford on a wheel route.

And a Double Lagniappe:

1) To Bama fans, November of last year, you were making the same arguments some LSU fans have this November.  The differences are that you blamed your kicker who is a student, and these LSU fans are blaming the coaches who are paid.  Also, I hark about that in the video since I got banned for trolling with a single comment on a Bama blog which has some really good commentators when I praised the Alabama Offensive line and quarterback AJ McCarron in response to this dissing by someone with 10,000 + comments that the Tide line was weak run blocking and McCarron won’t win a game but only keeps from losing.  I admit that I write longer posts (298 words was a troll there), but I’d rather be detailed and put it all out the first time because I don’t have time for back and forth and believe that this instant satisfaction with Twitter length and sentence length responses are great on the phone or face to face but not in presenting an argument.  I hope the true football fans who participate on that site will put that fair-weathered expert Roll Tide Roll fan in his or her place.

2)  I’m only guessing that Governor Jindal was not there as he’d rather stump for Romney than do anything in the state.  Still Governor Jindal since you have promoted a budgeting priority where the LSU football team subsidizes the academic areas of the university, why not take a donation from the Romney supporters for whom you obtained tickets or someone from another state to create at least one academic scholarship?  Professionally, I know nothing about the new President at the University of Alabama, but I would expect she will do a better job there and cost the educational systems less than the money being wasted on this pseudo LSU search when Governor Jindal has already picked his chosen appointee to head the LSU System as most suspect.

This Year’s Vid

Last Year’s Vid (I had an old shrimp boat captain whose hearing has diminished but the mind sharp as ever on the commentary).  (He also provided some commentary regarding negativity on another Bama blog site which attacked the Tide players).  That video is not linked but also on the LAB Channel.

Saban and Miles and the Presidential Election (my favorite)