Mitt Romney’s Success at the 2002 Olympic Games

We created a little compilation regarding Mitt Romney and the Olympic Games which is on You Tube.  The basic question we have is why some people seem to have different opinions on the usage of Federal money.  Could this dual standard result from situations where we think in terms of ourselves first and of everyone else differently?  The reason I am actually linking this video to this blog is to encourage you to watch at least a portion of the Senate proceedings at the listed link.  Personally, I was never that familiar with the late Senator Paul Wellstone from Minnesota, but his statements on the floor just before Senator McCain reminded me of the old school Southern politicians who fought for their constituents and worked together regardless of political party.  If our elected officials would only put constituents and country first instead of political party and Super PAC and PAC contributions last.  Who knows….

The compilation uses footage from the Republican National Convention, 2012 Presidential Debate, CSPAN2 Proceeding of the United States Senate, and NBC news coverage of the 2002 Olympic Games.

For further information on the 2002 Olympic Games and Mitt Romney from Sports Illustrated, please see:

John McCain’s remarks occurred on the floor of the United States Senate on 19 September 2000.  The Congressional Session can be viewed in its entirety here:

In his remarks, Senator McCain details a number of pork barrel appropriations for the 2002 Winter Olympics which built infrastructure projects for Salt Lake City.  A major piece of contention was that instead of putting the funding in Bill form, it was buried by the majority party at the time (McCain’s own Republican Party) in a Conference Report which could not be amended or vetoed.  The late Senator Paul Wellstone, Democrat from Minnesota, spoke to the fact that this Conference Report also granted US Senators a raise which he felt was unjustified since the Senate failed to address many issues.  Among these issues was raising the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.15 over a 2 year period.

Back in the year 2000, a Senator from the Republican Party and a Senator from the Democratic Party agreed that Congress was spending too much on themselves and in support of their own special interests.  12 years later, Barack Obama is solely responsible.  Sad…

For ideas on where Congress is spending money, please see Senator Tom Coburn, MD, Republican representing Oklahoma, and his 2012 Waste Book which is available here:

For those interested only in partisan snippets of the government expenditures: