To mail Big Bird a Presidential Debate Thank You card

Big Bird China Obama Romney Great Wall

Would you address the envelope to:

  • A) K Street
  • B) Pennsylvania Avenue
  • C) Wall Street
  • D) the intersection of East Capitol and 1st
  • E) Sesame Street
  • F) China

You might be shocked as well to how important Big Bird has become in this Presidential election.  Not too long ago, I wrote about the most dangerous candidate in America.  Even though Big Bird is not a candidate, he has created intrigue into this lingering question that struck me while watching the debate, and it has nothing to do with funding for PBS, Sesame Street, or any entity for that matter.  Why has the mainstream liberal media neglected to investigate?  Why has the conservative media not tied this idea to Obama?  The answer might be a bigger shock than this alleged conspiracy to eliminate Big Bird.

First, I think many wonder if any presidential candidate in recent memory has read the Constitution.  Sadly, I know that many students may have memorized the Preamble in grade school, but outside of the Amendments they have read very little of the document.  Whether you want to argue in favor of implied powers interpretations or in favor of strict interpretations does not matter for this observation.

This section is irrelevant but since someone will ask:

(If you are wondering my personal view is a combination and is based on the concept of necessary and proper.  That concept, however, changes with the times as the Constitution is a living document in my opinion and a blueprint with some specifics written out to start the project in an efficient manner.  For example, I find the Louisiana Purchase to be within the boundaries of the Constitution as it was a necessary and proper transaction in 1803.  For those who do not know me, I am typically critical of Thomas Jefferson.  In part that is policy, but also the result of having a Professor who was a student of Dumas Malone, the esteemed Jefferson biographer, at the University of Virginia.  Knowing that I was going to be grilled on Jefferson scholarship at my oral comprehensives probably increased my critical opinion of Jefferson).

The Big Bird Chinese Connection 

Now whether you like or dislike an 8 feet tall yellow bird could be a subject of debate, but I’m not going there as I did learn a few things from Sesame Street.  I’m just at a loss in trying to find any Constitutional authority for the President or Congress to base funding decisions on the following test.  Is the program so critical that it’s worth borrowing from China to pay for it?  Since the United States has accumulated so much debt over the course of multiple Congresses and Presidents and there appears to be little desire to increase revenue to help pay down that debt, will our funding for domestic programs be dictated by China who will decide whether or not to validate the loan?

Look at just a small sampling of media articles and video snippets concerning the Presidential candidates and China.

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Pittsburgh Tribune

From CNN

Obama for America TV Spot “The Problem”

Mitt Romney Trade War with China Fox News

Mitt Romney Praises Chinese Regulators

Romney Put Profits From China Ahead of Security for America

Stand Up to China

Historical Precedents?

I’m not bashing Romney for wanting to “kill” Big Bird, and he neither has nor had that intent in my opinion.  I’m merely seeking some clarification because some people may remember something called Macon’s Bill Number 2 from their study of history.  To over simplify, the United States allowed foreign countries, in this case England and France, the opportunity to influence US policy through their actions.  Napoleon was able to use the Cadore Letter stating the removal of the Berlin and Milan Decrees and trick the United States.  Ultimately that allowance by the United States turned out to be one of a multitude of factors which led the United States into the War of 1812 with Great Britain (even though GB eventually repealed its Orders in Council).

Q and A:

Will China be appointed as the Decider in Chief of funding in the next Presidential term?

As noted above, the answer might shock you.  The media has not been bold enough to navigate these murky waters.  The reason is that nobody to my knowledge has isolated this brief snippet to take it out of context. I understand the message so don’t castigate me there.  Is something needed enough to borrow the money to pay for it?  That’s a relatively simple question which becomes quite complex and convoluted when we are making that decision only for ourselves and not for a larger population.

Plucking feathers

The problem is that the concerns about Big Bird far outweigh anything else from the debate.  When 2 individuals vying to become the leader of the United States of America are relegated to second tier status in the media and much of society by an 8 foot tall yellow bird, will things change significantly regardless of if Romney is elected or Obama is reelected?  Let’s remember that little paper called the Constitution and where authority is vested.  Let’s remember our own powers of society.  Let’s stop blaming others for everything wrong in our lives and take some responsibility.  I just believe that equal attention should be given to the issue of paying for money that has already been borrowed and spent as well as future expenditures.  I wonder if my snippet will be déjà vu as students are going to discuss the conflict between Hamilton and Jefferson over the assumption of state debts by the Federal government.  With the assurance that I have a pocket Constitution in my shirt pocket, I feel prepared.