Could this be the Problem?

I guess it’s natural to look at things differently from our own personal perspective because we are in a unique position as to angle, distance, and so.  Sometimes you can accurately predict what your opinion is from that single image, but how often do we prefer to see the other parts?  Do we at least glance at the condition of a piece of furniture we might purchase from multiple sides?


There are those expressions such as you should walk a mile in another’s shoes before lashing out with negativity.  I have been gifted with good eyesight; yet I see things slightly differently after my Dad became legally blind (he still has vision, but it has deteriorated to the level that is referenced as blindness which is why I use the term legally to distinguish very limited vision from total darkness).  It is fascinating of how I now regard my own vestibular condition which left me bedridden for a year as a blessing in disguise.  The appreciation of the basic things I took for granted like balance let alone running or participating in athletics is far better now as I work to return and improve upon my previous physical state.


With graduate degrees in history, (Southern and US Political to be more specific), previous work in politics and governmental environments, and now being married to a Political Scientist, extremism regardless of if it is to the left or to the right frightens me more than any shade of gray between the points.  I can have great exchanges with friends, colleagues, and others via Facebook, direct emails, telephone, or face-to-face where we contrast significantly on positions.  I will post comments using this LABLouisianaBoy screen name in various media sources where I tend to inflame some people on the left or the right and discover unsuspecting support coming from others on both left and right.


In this election cycle, there are many issues where I tend to favor President Obama, but there are others where I cannot find any reasons to support.  I am a lot harsher on Congress as a body than I am on a President, but that is true of any period in US History as I know that Congress has far more influence on domestic events based on Constitutional authorizations.  In foreign affairs, I tend to be less forgiving of Presidential actions since the Executive Branch has greater Constitutional power.


I just can’t figure out the degree of emphasis placed on non issues and blatantly false conjecture in this election cycle.  Both sides are involved, so I’m not justifying one or the other.  My question is:  Have We the People permanently lowered ourselves to the point where we only see and taste mud?  Will it suffocate us as a country?