A Tale of Bloggers and Commentators

My criteria on comments here or on the LAB YouTube channel is to keep things civil and to avoid the usage of what some may refer to as foul language or as I call it, cussing.  I try to take emotion out of analysis because it is a fog which obscures what is often some strong information on the other side.  Whether one’s position shifts or not, both sides become stronger with the knowledge given and received by both sides.  I don’t see that as weakness but as strength.

LABLouisianaBoy recently attempted to comment on two articles written on different blogs.  One was on a blog by an individual who promotes herself as a “Conservative Christian” with quotes on the concept of “abortion is murder” and  numerous references on how the intent of the Founding Fathers is no longer followed and we as a country are at risk of losing Freedom of Religion with the Obama administration.  The second blog is by an individual who promotes himself or herself as a “Free Thinker” and has remarks relating Romney to the concepts and beliefs of NAZI Germany.  My comment on the “Conservative Christian” blog related to inaccurate information from an historical standpoint.  The author asserted that all the signers of the Declaration of Independence were involved and supported the writing and enactment of the United States Constitution. The opposite is correct as many of the Patriots in the Revolutionary War would be anti-Federalists when it came to replacing the government of the Articles of Confederation with the US Constitution.  I requested the source material she used to support her position.  My comment on the “Free Thinker” blog was in reference to references that Romney was the second coming of Hitler.  That is a charge that even my friends who support Obama have never made even in jest.

One of my comments was posted on the respective blog, and has not received any follow up comments to this point. The other blogger did not post the comment but chose to send a direct response to LABLouisianaBoy’s YouTube Channel since I used that email address to register with the site.  The short message was:   “You have no freedoms here.  I’m not your personal publisher. You have no rights to having your comments printed since I am the publisher. I figured this crap from you was a setup. GFY u rat LMAO.”

Any guess on which blogger sent that reply?  I have no issues with the comments regarding rights and printing of my comment.  Since I neither agreed or disagreed with the contents of the article and only requested a reference to the source used.  I saw no attempt of any type of setup, and even after viewing episodes of Alfred Hitchcock and trying on paranoia glasses I still can’t see a “setup.”  In fact, I expected the welcoming of the request since both bloggers supposedly are trying to gain support for their Presidential candidate.

If you have not guessed, the direct response was from the “Conservative Christian.”  Even though that type of response is not typical of the mainstream, and the blog has less followers than what I write here in reality just to take a short break from my other work it is an example of why I find extremes dangerous on either side.  Even if an attempt is made to make it appear to be the ideology of the majority, it is not.  With any election, I encourage you to refer to a variety of sources in formulating your opinion about a candidate or issue.  You may disagree with me, but I also believe in voting in favor of a specific individual and not merely voting for members of a political party.  While not as glamorous or annoying if you prefer that term, local elections often impact your life more directly than those at the state and federal levels.  One vote can make a difference, so please exercise that right, be informed, and protect the freedoms of others to cast their votes as well.  If you think about it, one of the best ways to separate reality from the glitter in any environment is to look at how those on those lowest level or those in the minority are treated by the supervisors or the majority.