Filler Up: Gasoline Prices at the Constituent Car Wash

I encourage you to research on your own about the traditional percentage breakdown of the cost of a gallon of gasoline by the typical consumer.  My decision not to cite is that the majority of pie charts are similar but as with anything there are some where the percentages vary to greater extents.  Regardless of your source or political ideology, one could probably reach an agreement that your local station does not reap huge profits from their sale of gasoline and remain in business from revenue generated by the sale of other goods or services.

The supply and demand concept is another where I will not cite particular sources.  I think most will agree with the principle of short supply and high demand increases prices while high supply and low demand decreases prices.  We would most likely agree that demand is high for gasoline, but the arguments would occur concerning your positions on the amount of supply.

Likewise, I will not cite a position on the influence of regulations such as environmental or safety whether from the EPA or another body.  Nor will I cite any data concerning taxation as the amounts differ amongst the states.  On these issues, anyone can find data to back up or tear down most political ideological positions on regulations and taxation.

LAB, say something we don’t know already:

My writing is this piece is merely an observation concerning some discussions and this article:–abc-news-politics.html

Gas prices have gone up Mr. Ryan, I think we all agree with that, but let’s remove the attempts to turn it into votes and igniting a political blaze on either side of the fence.  Cap and trade legislation and one’s opinion on such an issue is a legitimate subject.  For many, however, I do not see the all or nothing opinions amongst your typical working class consumer.  When looking at the damage left behind by the BP oil spill in the Gulf, cap and trade becomes very popular.  On that commute inland and pulling up to a gas pump, cap and trade typically dips in the popularity poll.  For many the transformation is to the extreme of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Blame the President because he did propose incorporations of cap and trade.  Those on the other side of the aisle can Blame the President because the so-called Enron loophole has survived and additional regulations or windfall profit taxes have not appeared in the budget proposals from the WH (even though Congress has been unable or unwilling to reach an agreement on the budget).

Mr. Ryan have you considered that the influence of the Oil and Gas Industry might impact legislation?  Why have Members of the House seen a significant rise in contributions from the Oil Industry?  I do agree with you that contributions to Members of the Senate have fallen from its peak in 2008, but if you want to toss that fact at me, I still don’t think that you understand that even with that monetary decrease, the average contributed to a US Senator is still higher than the medium income in the US.  Add in contributions to Members of your Chamber, and on average 535 individuals are receiving 6 figure contributions.

I’m not attacking the salaries earned by Members of Congress either for that service or your outside businesses and investments.  The amount of money you earn through your affiliations with Oil companies through drilling, mineral rights, stocks, and so on, are not on the table.  I’m just pointing out that on average the individual gifts lawmakers on the Hill receive amount to $100,000 plus.

The Presidential candidates are not without their oil sheen as well.  In 2008, then candidate Barack Obama received contributions from the Oil and Gas Industry in the amount of $884,000.  To date in this election cycle, the gifts have decreased to about $325,000.  Somehow, I do not think that decrease has resulted from financial difficulties of the Oil and Gas Industry because up to this point, they have gifted candidate Mitt Romney with $1,753,855.

When you look at top contributors, the Republican Party receives significantly more than the Democratic Party in gifts from Oil and Gas.  Still, many Americans can only dream of earning an annual income of the amount of gifts given to Democrats let alone the pay increase for being a Republican.

I think your message should be that it remains in the best interest of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Congress to maintain the gas prices which maximize profit for the Industry.  The Presidential candidates are the recipients of the let’s minimize our risk ideology by contributing more the side you think benefits your industry in a particular race, but also contributing enough to the other side to prevent any radical changes.

For further research on my arguments and many of the numbers used in formulating these opinions please refer to:

Filler Up, and would you like to cast your vote in the constituent, oops, car wash today?