It’s The Economy Stupid (Bad poetics)

Two political conventions, accusations fly:  it is the President; it is failed policy; who built that; who cares more for the middle class; debt; deficit; driving off a financial cliff…

Well the recess bell is set to ring next week calling the children back into the inside playground that older generations once called the House of Representatives.  Mr. Ryan has made it a priority to discuss the works of the House of the 112th Congress and the oppression from the US Senate and the White House which prevents measures important to the present and future of this country to become law.


Since those words have been spoken, and the conventions have come to an end,

I eagerly waited for my legislative calendar to come in.

Finally, issues on the economy would take center stage.

After all the spinning of the public’s rage


My fingers frantically tore at the package to create and opening

Because this simple country boy was a hoping

Hearings on jobs, Hearings to deal with the debt

Finally here, oh how my heart wept


But low and behold

Nothing but the politics of old


The most detailed and perhaps addressing the needs of me and you

Will take place 12 September in Rayburn 2322

“Where the Jobs Are At:  There’s an App for That”

I guess that’s where I’ll be at

For on that same day over in Rayburn 2141

“The Obama Administration’s Abuse of Power” has its umpteenth revival in the House sun


On 13 September I may see a grand tour

Of good Ole Rayburn 2154

For there, Joint hearing by Oversight and Reform

And Financial Services lorn

“The JOBS Act: Importance of Prompt Implementation for Entrepreneurs, Capital Formation, and Job Creation”

I expect to be regarded as some casual playful recreation.


The vitriol in the media will continue to fly

Many like me just shake our heads or cry

The House can talk the talk

But why do they refuse to walk the walk


It’s the Economy Stupid

Or is it the influence of outside money that’s so rank and putrid?